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Your business in Catalonia

There are already many entrepreneurs who decide to expand their business and who think of Barcelona or Catalonia to centralize their operations in southern Europe or as a point of departure for their goods to non-EU countries. Catalonia is an ideal location for your headquarters as it has both logistic and professional advanced services which will greatly facilitate your business management. Both in Catalonia and in its capital city Barcelona you will find accurate training and experience in Foreign Trade, together with a traditionally entrepreneurial culture.


To manage your business in Catalonia, you can opt for several legal forms, such as either the establishment of a branch or a trading company. Ask us about the establishment process; with good counselling and our experience, the process is uncomplicated. Only good, two-way communication is needed for us to provide you with the solution that best meets your requirements.

Establishing a company in Catalonia is not difficult. We can help you with the establishment as well as the management of your company.

Once the company has been established, you can start operating. You will be in the need of good legal advice and good accountancy and tax management and even labour management if you intend to employ workers. To this effect, rely again on our professionalism and experience as essential tools to achieve your own goals, working in partnership with the different departments of the head company.


In you need any further information, contact us. We understand your needs.

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