Mongay Legals


Company founded in 1959 by Pere Mongay i Casajuana. Since then, we have evolved from the most traditional management services to the most specialized legal and economic services.

Since our beginnings, we have actively participated in the Spanish tax reform of the seventies, the embryo of the current tax system, which already pointed out that taxation would be, over time, a fundamental tool for business management.

Involved in the revolution of new technologies, at the beginning of the 70s we implemented one of the first computer networks in the area, with a non-IBM compatible system, with which we created a pioneering computer program for income tax management. The automation of the mathematical calculation processes allowed us to free up resources that we allocated to advice, which implied a change in the conception of the management of tax declarations and allowed us to provide added value to this service.

Since then, we have been growing in this line. Incorporating knowledge and training to our team, with the same philosophy of service, promoting permanent advice and preventive consulting.

We have specialized in finding money-saving estrategies within the framework of the law, seeking as a value the coordination of management services with the mastery of the tools offered by civil law, commercial law, labor law and the tax law.

Thus, our evolution and customer orientation has led us to have our own model based on the integration of legal and management services. We articulate our services with a legal perspective from the beginning of the process, thus avoiding planning errors and guaranteeing the optimal development of our management.

We manage with agility, accessibility, optimization and dedication to service, characteristics that currently constitute our most outstanding differential factors.

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